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Rutger Hauer as the bloody sensitive android

The Kreep dies for Ridley Scott’s super Sci-Fi classic Blade Runner, in stores on a director approved super deluxe DVD set.  His latest dark ode, full review found exclusively on 100% of Nothing, honors the speech made famous by iconic actor Rutger Hauer as the sensitive android replicant on a blood spree to gain  more life from his masters.

Produced by R. Productions in association with Hoffhines Productions, and published by Static Multimedia, The Kreep is offered in several social media formats such as a syndicated feature on 100% OF NOTHING, an art and culture Ezine linked to a free downloadable podcast on iTunes.  Selected poems will also receive an audio/visual treatment and posted on YOUtube and Vampire Freaks while compilations can be found in book form on Issuu.

A new Kreepy poem is available every Wednesday at midnight on 100% of Nothing with a link to a free iTunes podcast. Last week The Kreep’s poem was a tribute to one of the greatest serial killer films of all time The Silence of the Lambs, also on a deluxe DVD in stores now.

Take a slice of Edward Gorey,  a dash of Gothic angst with just a pinch of Doctor Seuss and you’ll understand THE KREEP’s sensibility.

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I read Stephen King’s The Mist on a lengthy train ride from Media, Pennsylvania (where I had delivered a trivial lecture on my latest book of poems Arsenic n’ Art,) to my lair in the city of brotherly love: Philadelphia. In short, The Mist really frightened me, as it had first-rate scares galore. It nudged, pinched, and stung my insecurities so that I had night sweats n’ nightmares for hours, days, and weeks to come. This was just a short story, dear fellow foes, you understand? Yet it held me in the grip of trepidation and woe. When it was then announced some 25 years later that award-winning film director Frank Darabont (The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption) was giving it a go, well, I booked my seat well in advance. I was pleased I did so.

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Polly Frost loves to write. Oh yes she does. Her book Deep Inside–ten tantalizing tales of supernatural erotica, is a paperback first-date with gorgeous, naughty little secrets within. For Polly’s fingered, kissed, and hot tongued every single page of her extreme erotic fantasies, that the read keeps you easily captive until the strange little ditty she’s unleashed on you makes you squirm all turned on. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just a super cool read because you’re curious about the casual use of exquisite four letter words. The kind you say to your lover out of earshot of everybody else. “Bedroom talk” my parents called it. But you take that casual air, that mischievous C’est la vie and wrap it in something all X-Files, Dexter or even Millennium for that matter and the story your reading cuddles you and then before you know it, holds you tightly as you hold your breath until its wonderful erotic finale allows you to exhale. She does this as your paramour, a sensual pen pal, and a late night caller that knows how to tell an erotic tale so completely that you’re wondering what’s next? You’re hooked. Slave to the page of Polly Frost.

She does this with a Rod Serling sneer as well, and a wink at the Sci-Fi junkies in the dark. Even bloody horror fans are howling at the moon. You bet they are. And there’ll be no spoilers here. No, sir. What for? It’s all so direct and minimal, with a very fine sprinkling of her best saucy poetry that I wouldn’t even dare. Plus everyone will ride quite easily page by page; the generation-X or Millennium brats all have equal footing here. That’s because she lets you create the personal details while she gives you everything else. Everything else. In that way you can place yourself as visitor or participant in her spicy narrative: extraterrestrials, serial killers, sex-crazed school girls, cops and robbers, lawyers, accountants, and everybody else roam her pages uninhibited.

To be honest, it all gets so in-you-face and matter-of-fact right off that it doesn’t really seem all that taboo. I mean to say, when couple’s play grab-ass in a crowd, everybody smiles and thinks, hey–they’re just in love. Same thing here. You know you’re in safe sure hands with Polly and so you easily give up all your judgments, sit back, relax, and take the steamy ride-guilt free. Or maybe you just like hanging with the guilt. And that’s okay too. Whatever turns you on.

Author: Polly Frost

Polly Frost loves to write. You bet your sweet ass she does. And if you want to experience something sensual and wicked, something you might read out loud to your significant other, or keep hidden away for solitary impressions, Deep Inside by Polly Frost is a tight, hip sassy read. Now, I’m not saying everything here is the best I ever had, after all, that’s all subjective and in the bedroom–one person’s turn-on is another person’s nightmare-the point of these stories after all. But I bet you can find, as I did, several stories here that almost bordered on fine art. But you’ll have to find them for yourself. I’ll never kiss n’ tell.

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