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AngelSpit Is A Dark Spy On Myspace

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Angelspit’s new album ‘BLOOD DEATH IVORY’ is now available.

“Their incredibly unique sound and attitude remain, but with a slight tweaking of theme and mood. Blood Death Ivory does not disappoint and is sure to tickle Angelspit’s ever growing fan base.”

– ReGen Magazine (Trubie Turner)

“This is electro-industrial music at its best: this is probably what the new EBM is or should be now.”

– Chain DLK (Marc Urselli-Schaerer)

“This is what electropunk should sound like. Angelspit defines the future musical framework for this genre on Blood Death Ivory.”

– Gothtronic Webzine (TekNoir)

With their highly acclaimed debut album Krankhaus and their impressive visceral live performances, Angelspit have cemented themselves as being one of the most innovative new industrial bands. With their merciless dual vocal assault, intense electronic mayhem and murderous guitars, Destroyx and Zoog have thrilled and revolted countless audiences globally. Angelspit’s subversive visuals are equally confronting- as their unique brand of vicious fashion and hellish aesthetics influence a new wave of cyber punk music, fashion and art. 

krankhaus CD Cover

Hot off the success of their debut album Krankhaus, Angelspit have returned with a new barrage of ballistic electro punk in their new 11 track album Blood Death Ivory. The album will continue to blow fans away and disgust the status quo, as Angelspit experiment with sonic brutality combined with infectious and chemically sweetened melodies. Their tortured synthesizers, crushing bass and stomping beats get into your head and up to no good. Angelspit’s fierce yet seductive vocals distort beauty with chaos, doing violence to conservativism, apathy and a society fixated with consumerism. With the massive sounding Blood Death Ivory, it’s clear that Angelspit won’t be silenced.


Blood Death Ivory CD Cover

Dark Spy Magazine
Angel Spit On Myspace

Angel Spit Web




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R. Productions, a Chicago-based Branding + Media boutique specializing in social media have redesigned their entire line of social networking sites on with flash provided by “It’s true, we do,” says Director of Operations Claudia Sullivan, “R. Productions started using their flash layouts several years ago, and when it was time to upgrade, they were the obvious choice.”

> R. Productions Spanking Brand New Myspace LOVEMYFLASH.COM Layout

> ‘The Kreep’ On Myspace

> ‘Finch And Lily’ On MYspace

> LOVEMYFLASH.COM Layouts For Myspace 


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R. Productions, a media + branding boutique in Chicago has just switch-out their old Myspace, LOVEMYFLASH.COM flash layout for a spanking brand new one-bright red of course, with just enough flash to still be rock n’ roll. The first layout we got absolutely free (internet swag y’all) and lasted a few years, the layout and design was that good! Really. You have to be patient when you “tweak” but it’s a good place to browse if your one of the boutiques out there.

They had a bad rap when they started some years ago–hype by competitors? We dunno.–

but we’ve been using their flash layouts and nothing so far, in over a year. LOVEMYFLASH.COM designs are by professionals and they’re always progressive, fun, and there’s even older motifs for the die-hards. Still, we at R. Productions (and their ain’t a lot of us) just wanted to throw props where props is due.

> Spanking Brand New Myspace LOVEMYFLASH.COM Layout

> LOVEMYFLASH.COM Layouts For Myspace