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Writer/producer R. O’Donnell, known in Chicago for having created and produced the professional theatre company New Age Vaudeville, the New Variety cabaret, and the R. Rated Fox Chicago TV show, is about to unleash his syndicated Gothic character, The Kreep in a series of columns, books, podcasts, and merchandise published/produced by Static Multimedia.

Partnering with Static Multimedia (a devision of Static Networx), R. O’Donnell’s The Kreep a.k.a Brazillia R. Kreep–a Gothic poet, writer, and illustrator–will start appearing in regular syndication on Static Multimedia under the title Brain Waves. The first series will be reviews of classic horror on DVD such as MGM’s Midnight Movies Witchfinder General, starring Vincent Price.

“The Kreep has already made a lot of new media appearances,” says creator O’Donnell, “The Kreep’s on MYspace (,) The Kreep’s on twitter, (,) and The Kreep’s on blogs such as got2write (,) and now The Kreep’s on Ezine Static Multimedia ( and I couldn’t be more thrilled for the interest in the guy.”

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Brazillia R. Kreep a.k.a ‘The Kreep’ is a forlorn Gothic poet and illustrator living in Kreepsville. For the syndicated column on Static Multimedia, ‘The Kreep’ received a new logo by Static Networx that was designed by underground street artist Dull1.  ‘The Kreep’, which features weird epic poems amidst sprinklings of the latest horror film lowdown is something Dull1 gets big-time, “I like all things horror, “ says the artist from a pay phone somewhere in Chicago, “because it’s a genre that I identify with. Growing up on creature features, Ed “big Daddy” Roth, and kung fu Sundays, the design elements were always elegant and striking and their use of color was reminiscent of 60s psychedelia.”

Brazillia R. Kreep a.k.a The Kreep is a forlorn Gothic poet and illustrator living in Kreepsville.  The Kreep lives in an old Victorian mansion near lake Scares.

Static Networx is a small creative boutique that strives to build meaningful relationships between brand and consumer. 

Dull1 designs exclusively for Static Networx while remaining one of Chicago’s hottest subversive street artists.  Not to be confused with a graffiti artist, Dull1 uses a wide variety of techniques including wheatpasting, stickers, and stencils.