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I’m Dreaming Of The Kreep Christmas

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The Kreep, a Gothic poet and illustrator who celebrated his one-year publishing anniversary this past Halloween, celebrates Christmas by offering an event Kreep Kalendar with a poem each day until the 25th.  Collecting all until Christmas on art and cultural Ezine 100% of Nothing, you can assemble the Kreep’s poem entitled “Scrooged Again” in its entirety.

The Kreep is produced by R. Productions in association with Hoffhines Productions, and published by Static Networx as a syndicated feature on 100% of Nothing  linked to a free downloadable podcast on iTunes.  Coming soon, The Kreep offers a poem on the box office smash Twilight,  the action-packed, modern day love story between a vampire and a human starring Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan.

Day one:

T’hear chains clinking

cash registers count the coin

ghosts whale in dreams 

Kreep Gift idea:

Not sure what to stuff the stocking with, well here’s my pitch to buy forth-with;

Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

On Disney Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition DVD

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source: R. Productions 



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Never Before Seen Nightmare Before Christmas Images

As the August 26th release date looms on the dark horizon, 100% of Nothing is thrilled to present tricks n’ treats from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: 2-disc, Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition.

Harvested fresh from the Disney archives, these Nightmare Before Christmas images are being unveiled to the public for the very FIRST TIME!

Henry Selick, Director and Tim Burton, Producer on the set. © Disney. 

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source: R. Productions


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by Brazillia R. Kreep

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is an animated musical Gothic delicacy for the entire brood. A delightfully dazzling way t’bridge the long holiday gap between hallow’en n’ Christmas, this Disney kiddy opera crepe into theatres the Fall of ‘93, and has been spooking and amusing audiences like no other animated holiday cheer ever since. Thanks t’director Henery Selick and composer Danny Elfman, this dark romantic romp-a-thump is a sure pure classic for the creep in everyone.

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A love letter to science-fiction films of old with a modern environmentalist message, WALL-E is another winning confection from Pixar, the folks who have made an art out of wrapping adult themes in childish whimsy and coming out with movies that please both elements. Starring a box shaped little robot with more than a passing resemblance to E.T., WALL-E is quite possibly the cutest Pixar hero ever, despite the fact that he’s a trash compactor with eyes. A story centering on a wordless robot could be cold and uninviting, but not in Pixar’s capable hands. Never has a robot been this compassionate: WALL-E’s got heart.

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