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R. Productions & Static Multimedia Kreep-Out Social Networks

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R. Productions, a Chicago-based Branding + Media boutique specializing in social and viral media production have partnered with Chicago-based publisher Static Multimedia (a division of Static Networx) to present Gothic poet The Kreep in all new media formats.   Popular Ezine Static Multimedia will publish the syndicated column with a link to the iTunes Store which will offer the podcast download (a new poem about a classic horror film) for free.

The Kreep a.k.a. Brazillia R. Kreep is a forlorn Gothic poet that reviews films in epic verse.  Brainchild of actor/writer R. O’Donnell, The Kreep has made numerous social media appearances on Myspace, and  Twitter, along with entertainment blogs Brain Raves and Gothican.  “Take a dash of Vincent Price and a dash of Edward Gorey with just a pinch of Doctor Seuss and you might understand The Kreep’s sensibility,” says creator O’Donnell, “He loves the macabre, sure, but what is he really?  Big-hearted!”

The Kreep, which features weird epic poems amidst sprinklings of the latest horror film lowdown such as Sweeney Todd and Poltergeist is something Dull1 gets big-time, “I like all things horror, “ says the artist from a pay phone somewhere in Chicago, “because it’s a genre that I identify with. Growing up on creature features, Ed “big Daddy” Roth, and kung fu Sundays, the design elements were always elegant and striking and their use of color was reminiscent of 60s psychedelia.”

The Kreep can be found creeping around and on iTunes, with a new posting/podcast every Wednesday–if you dare to read and listen.  So what’s the future hold for The Kreep? “A book of children’s tales entitled Kreepy Bedtime Stories,” says O’Donnell with a smirk, “Something to put children to sleep akin The Brother’s Grimm, just like when I was just a squirt.” 


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